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Jul, 2016
Hitachi Marketing
Jun, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

Frank Alaimo, AV Systems Specialist at UNLV talks about why they joined the OneVision Program and the value it brings to their campus.

Apr, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

Lone Star 4“We first came across Hitachi quite a few years ago when we were doing an extensive projector review,” says Juelg. “After we chose Hitachi, we standardized across all of the campuses. Every three years we do a market analysis to make sure we are getting the best tech for the best value and each year we have come back to Hitachi.”

Lone Star recently joined Hitachi’s OneVision program for higher education. The program comes with perks such as specialized pricing, advanced replacement on projector maintenance and extended warranties on both projectors and lamps. “The additional warranty was a big driver for joining the OneVision program,” says Juelg. “Warranty is very important to us with all of the campuses that we have.” As Lone Star looks to the future, Juelg hopes to take advantage of the ‘Buy 10 projectors, get the 11th free’ OneVision perk to upgrade the campuses to the CP-WX5505 which comes with the HDBaseT™ connections and wireless connectivity he thinks the students will benefit from.


Feb, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

Five years ago Henderson Middle School didn’t have much to say when it came to technology. The classrooms were outfitted with chalkboards and erasers, which principal Hardy Dotson found uninspiring to the students’ learning process. “My vision was for teachers and students to use interactive technology together,” says Dotson. “From a student participation standpoint we needed some hands-on applications and lessons that would inspire the kids to participate in class. “Now every classroom in Henderson Middle School is equipped with an interactive projector.”

Pic 1 Henderson

Dec, 2015
Hitachi Marketing

“It’s the quality,” said Blackmore. “When you’re talking about projectors, there are distinct categories. We’re not in the rock concert realm but we are at the high end of the business use category. We need HD and we need the lumens. Hitachi has that nailed.”

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