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Feb, 2017
Hitachi Marketing

The Hitachi CP-X25LWN’s extensive list of features and outstanding lamp life warranty make it a perfect choice for your classroom or conference room.

Projector Central has named it Road Test Certified, read the review here.

This month’s Tech & Learning magazine has a special feature, read it here.

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Jan, 2017
Hitachi Marketing

Mount Hermon Christian Camp relies on a Hitachi laser projector in the main auditorium to welcome and inform campers every summer, as well as host church group meetings and outdoor school sessions. In the end, IT Manager Dave Peterson’s decision to go with Hitachi’s laser projector keeps him off the latter changing bulbs and keeps him engaged and in the moment with every camp at Mount Hermon.

“During the summer we have the projector turned on eight to ten hours a day, six days a week. We were going through bulbs like crazy and they’re expensive,” says Peterson. “When I say that new projectors had a laser light source with no bulb I was really intrigued. Now, with the laser, there’s nothing that will go out in the middle of a session.”

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Dec, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

At the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM), Hitachi’s Collegiate line of projectors has been the cost effective, reliable system of choice for general assignment classrooms. There are close to 170 general assignment classrooms on campus, and any department can utilize the space and equipment in each room. With the help of AVI Systems, UWM was introduced to Hitachi’s OneVision program for higher education. Since becoming a member, the university has been able to register over 70 of its Collegiate line projectors and use the rewards to stock up on extra lamps for every projector.

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Nov, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

When Ashland Christian Fellowship set out to do a complete lighting and architectural upgrade to its sanctuary, the pastors of the church decided the upgrade should include switching from a single, central projector, to a two-projector double screen set up. With the help of Pastor of Worship Rob Mackinnon, Ashland Christian Fellowship decided to install two Hitachi LP-WU9750B laser projectors in the new space. Mackinnon, with the help of David McLain of CCI Solutions, decided that Hitachi was the best choice for the job.

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Oct, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

When Tyrone Johnson-Neuland was approached by SUNY Oswego’s Graphic Arts Department to find a new projector that had more lumens and better color quality, he began a detailed search to find the best fit. After meeting with Hitachi representative Beth Scoville and seeing a few projector demonstrations, he was sold. In the end Johnson-Neuland went with Hitachi because of the image quality, affordability and the company’s unique OneVision program. Read more here.