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Sep, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

“Despite a skylight in the center of the room, a pair of Hitachi 3-chip LCD bulb based projectors capably handle the job”

Learn more about how Veritas church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa updated their space with  Hitachi CP-WX8265A projectors.   Read the story from Worship Tech Director here.

Aug, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

Dana Manley, Computer A/V Technician for Saddleback College, decided to register in the OneVision program when he heard about the great incentives from sales representative Edgar Jimenez. “Edgar told us about the program incentives and we were sold,” says Manley. “We get an extended warranty and either a free lamp when you buy 3 projectors or free projector when you buy 10 projectors. We like to buy extra projectors to have just in case anyway, so why wouldn’t we sign up?” Manley explained that the extended warranty is the best part of the program for Saddleback because the warranty lasts longer than the school’s refresh cycle, meaning that the projectors are always covered while in use.

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Jul, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

“When our projectors started to burn out we didn’t really have a specific make or model in mind for a new projector,” says Hoffman. “We knew we wanted state-of-the-art and that we also had a budget, but other than that we hadn’t needed a new projector since 2003. We went with Hitachi and it does everything we wanted. We are slowly discovering how much more it can really do. With each feature we discover we start creating new plans for our church and our services.”

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St. Pauls

Apr, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

We’ve recently launched a new throw distance calculator on our website. The calculator can help you choose a projector based on your throw distance needs and select the right lens.



Feb, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

Five years ago Henderson Middle School didn’t have much to say when it came to technology. The classrooms were outfitted with chalkboards and erasers, which principal Hardy Dotson found uninspiring to the students’ learning process. “My vision was for teachers and students to use interactive technology together,” says Dotson. “From a student participation standpoint we needed some hands-on applications and lessons that would inspire the kids to participate in class. “Now every classroom in Henderson Middle School is equipped with an interactive projector.”

Pic 1 Henderson