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Introducing Hitachi’s CP-TW2503 and CP-TW3003 Interactive Projectors. Ultra short throw projectors capable of providing vivid images in bright classrooms and meeting rooms.

Not only are Hitachi Interactive Projectors at the top of their game, they come bundled with a multitude of features which enhance image quality under different ambient lighting conditions, dual HDMI inputs, use in a variety of orientations and host of accessories. This projector goes beyond simply projecting content and allows the user to interact directly with the projected image which is ideal for both annotation and whiteboard collaborative sessions. Below are some of the features, benefits and advantages of both models:

Interactive pen operations – up to 4 simultaneously, 2 are supplied

Optional wireless connectivity

Free tablet and smartphone app for Android & iOS

PC Free Interactive Operation

Dual screen interactive mode

Auto & Manual calibration

Windows 8/8.1 Support

3 year On Site Warranty

StarBoard Software supplied- Hitachi’s very own interactive software suite, for when you’re ready to move beyond just annotation.

3LCD- A sophisticated, innovative technology that utilizes 3 chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life and consistent images for the most demanding audiences.

Hybrid Filter- The Hybrid Filter lasts longer than conventional filters. This extension in maintenence intervals reduces the overall cost of ownership significantly.

Advanced Networking- Manage and control multiple projectors over LAN. Turn the projector on and off, schedule email alerts and monitor projectors all via the network.

AMX Device Discovery- When integrated with an AMX COntroller, the relevant communication modules and drivers are downloaded to the projector automatically.

HD ready- High Definition (HD) uses the latest technology to deliver clearer and sharper images. HD Ready indicates that this product is ready for high definition broadcasts.

HDMI- Get the highest quality image by connecting the latest in A/V equipment to the projector with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface).

Creston Connected- Hitachi projectors bearing this logo will connect natively with a Creston Control System meaning no programming is required and it also allows status updates to be monitored through the network.

PC-less Presentations- Simply turn on and use in stand-alone interactive mode, no PC required. All notes and annotations will be stored to on-board memory and available for transfer to USB media later.

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