Hitachi America, Ltd.


This year, Kutztown University celebrates its 150th anniversary.  A lot has changed since 1866; Kutztown enrolls around 10,000 students, offers 220 classrooms, labs and lecture halls and offers dozens of Hitachi projectors for student benefit. Earlier this year, Kutztown’s Operations Manager, Troy Weidner, registered Kutztown University as a Hitachi OneVision program member. Weidner, who oversees all presentation technology campus-wide, was interested in OneVision for the savings, but found the extended warranty especially attractive.

“I didn’t discover Hitachi through the OneVision program, I’ve actually been using Hitachi projectors for a long time,” says Weidner. But the program and the support have been amazing and very easy to work with. OneVision is the icing on the cake.”

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