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Jul, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

This week AV Technology shared our case study on the Henderson School District in Texas and it was the #1 story of the week! Read more to find out why this district choose the CP-TW3005 for all of their classrooms.

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Pic 1 Henderson

Feb, 2016
Hitachi Marketing

Five years ago Henderson Middle School didn’t have much to say when it came to technology. The classrooms were outfitted with chalkboards and erasers, which principal Hardy Dotson found uninspiring to the students’ learning process. “My vision was for teachers and students to use interactive technology together,” says Dotson. “From a student participation standpoint we needed some hands-on applications and lessons that would inspire the kids to participate in class. “Now every classroom in Henderson Middle School is equipped with an interactive projector.”

Pic 1 Henderson