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Jan, 2017
Hitachi Marketing

This year, Kutztown University celebrates its 150th anniversary.  A lot has changed since 1866; Kutztown enrolls around 10,000 students, offers 220 classrooms, labs and lecture halls and offers dozens of Hitachi projectors for student benefit. Earlier this year, Kutztown’s Operations Manager, Troy Weidner, registered Kutztown University as a Hitachi OneVision program member. Weidner, who oversees all presentation technology campus-wide, was interested in OneVision for the savings, but found the extended warranty especially attractive.

“I didn’t discover Hitachi through the OneVision program, I’ve actually been using Hitachi projectors for a long time,” says Weidner. But the program and the support have been amazing and very easy to work with. OneVision is the icing on the cake.”

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Dec, 2015
Hitachi Marketing

When music minister Donald LeRoy was given the task of ensuring that each of the nearly 400 worshippers who attend West Metro Church of God every Sunday morning could read the lyrics to songs, he selected two Hitachi CP-WX8255A projectors.

“The 30-foot ceilings in our sanctuary are steeply pitched and clad with dark wood,” he said. “At the floor level, the angles are such that it was difficult to find a way to project an image that was viewable for everyone while not being prohibitive for the choir.”

Rather than accept an unusually configured space’s awkward angles and sight lines as a fact of life, LeRoy made the problem part of his solution: He mounted the two Hitachi projectors to the ceiling and connected them to a media server via HDMI over Cat6 (HDBaseT).

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West Metro

May, 2015
Hitachi Marketing

“We chose the Hitachi projector because its brand is widely known for quality and customer service,” Bruce Cowan explained. Mr. Cowan is an Elder, Treasurer and Video Operator of the Washington church. “We specifically chose the CP-WX8255A because it fit our needs to go wide-screen and its 5500 lumens makes a huge difference in our sanctuary.”

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Dec, 2014
Hitachi Marketing

New Life Restoration Church Chooses Hitachi CP-WX8255A Projector to Light Up its Auditorium Stage

Finding a projector that had clear and crisp picture in a room that had large amounts of light was difficult. “We worked with and rep Dieter Gilkey recommended this specific model based on our needs and lighting requirements,” stated Mr. Moore. “We also received a free additional bulb.”

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New life restoration touchedup


Dec, 2014
Hitachi Marketing

Hitachi Projector Becomes Essential Part of the Church Services

“The budget for this project was very small,” explained Mr. Norwood. “I didn’t even want to pursue it if the projector would not be able to do true HD, and be bright enough to make a major impact.” The Hitachi CP-WX8255A met Mr. Norwood’s needs. “The specs, reputation and value of the CP-WX8255A made it an easy choice.”

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