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Interactive LCD Projectors - BZ-1

BZ1 Hero Front Side Top
Key Features
Accessories and Lenses
Supplied Accessories Remote control with two AA batteries, power cord, computer cable, USB cable, interactive pen** with two AAA batteries and the tip of the pen for exchange, cable cover, user’s manuals, security label, application software (CD x 1, DVD x 1), sensor cover
Optional Accessories AW250NWALLARM, A3WALLARM, TT-251 tabletop stand
Replacement Parts
Interactive Pen I-PEN2
Lamp CPAW251LAMP (DT01251)
Remote Control HL02772
Filter UX37191
System Requirements for Software
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or faster
Free Hard Drive Space 2GB or more
Free Memory 1GB or more
  • 6,000 Hour Lamp Life (Eco mode): Another key to low total cost of ownership is a long life lamp. The lamp is rated at 3,000 hours in standard mode and 6,000 hours in Eco mode.
  • Hybrid Filter (4,000 hours between maintenance): Hitachi’s hybrid filter consists of a two-stage, layered design and an electrostatic filter, providing dust protection for up to 4,000 hours.
  • BZ-1 Software: Hitachi’s BZ-1 interactive business software was created with the corporate user in mind. Easy access to functions such as print, email and save make the BZ-1 software ideal for any office environment.
  • Ultra Sonic and IR Sensor: For better performance, both an IR sensor and ultra sonic technology are used. This increases reliability and provides a more natural writing experience.
  • Perfect Fit 2: Perfect Fit 2 enables the user to adjust individual corners and sides independent of one another. Perfect Fit 2 provides vertical and horizontal digital correction of either barrel or pin cushion distortions. This feature helps correct geometric and complicated distortions. Perfect Fit 2 allows the projected image to fit correctly to the screen quickly and easily.
  • Input Source Naming: Users can name input sources in simple language instead of factory default name. Exclusive to Hitachi.
  • Transition Detector and Security Bar: A security sensor located inside the projector recognizes when the projector has been moved. Moving the projector without using the correct PIN code will disable the projector.
  • Microphone Input: Research studies have shown that the use of microphones improve classroom test scores. The BZ-1 provides a dedicated microphone jack that even works in standby mode.
  • Display via USB: Connect to your computer using the USB port.
  • Template Function: Line templates in the projector menu can help when writing on a whiteboard. There are four types of line templates to choose from. Exclusive to Hitachi.
  • IR Remote Frequency Change: To avoid conflict with fluorescent lights or IrDA (IR signal) from notebook PC, the frequency of the IR remote control can be changed from the menu. Exclusive to Hitachi.
  • MyButton / MySource - Doc Camera: Two customizable buttons on the remote control allow users to create a shortcut for any projector command such as: Direct input (RGB1, S-video, etc.), picture mode or filter reset. For connection to a document camera, MySource allows users to add a third document camera source button.
  • PIN Lock / MyScreen / MyText: PIN lock protection can limit projector users. MyScreen PIN lock keeps captured images on the startup screen. Users can set a school's name or company’s logo to MyScreen, clearly identifying ownership. MyText provides the ability to write text on the startup screen such as model name, serial number or location.
  • Serial Number and MAC Address Label on Side: A label is affixed to side of projector to more easily access and read the model name and serial number while mounted in ceiling use. This is a convenience for installers, end user and auditors for instant accessibility.
  • Closed Captioning: Closed captioning lets viewers see captions that tell them what is being said or heard on the projector. Support modes CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, T1, T2, T3, T4.
  • 10 Watt Audio Output: 10W audio output eliminates the need to connect external speakers.
  • HDMI Input (HDCP): Digital connectivity allows for highest image quality from your HD device. Compliancy with HDCP.
  • Power Saving Standby Mode: Power saving mode reduces the standby power consumption to less than 1W.
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