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Interactive LCD Projectors - CP-AW2519N

Hitachi CP-AW2519N LCD Projector - hero Hitachi CP-AW2519N LCD Projector - front Hitachi CP-AW2519N LCD Projector - left side Hitachi CP-AW2519N LCD Projector - right side Hitachi CP-AW2519N LCD Projector - top

Projection Throw Chart (In inches)

Screen Size 16:10 Throw Distance
Diagonal Distance from leading edge of projector to screen Distance from mirror to screen
60 4.7 16.8
70 7.4 19.5
80 10.1 22.1
90 12.8 24.8
100 15.4 27.5

Throw Ratio: (distance : width)
0.1 : 1 from edge of projector
0.3 : 1 from mirror

Key Features
Accessories and Lenses
Supplied Accessories Remote control, power cord, computer cable, USB cable, interactive software CD x 1 and DVD x 1, interactive pen x 2, pen tips x 2, user’s manual, network manual
Optional Accessories UST1WALLARM, A3WALLARM, USBWL11N USB wireless adapter, MS-1 wired multifunction switcher, MS-1WL wireless multifunction switcher, TT-251 tabletop stand
Optional Lenses NA
Replacement Parts
Lamp DT01381
Remote Control HL02772
Filter UX37191
Interactive Pen I-PEN2
System Requirements for Software
CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or faster
Free hard drive space – 2 GB or more
Free memory – 1 GB or more
Detailed Features
  • Drawing Function with Optional Tablet (TB-1): The optional Hitachi wireless tablet and pen allows you to engage your audience by annotating over images shown on the projector.
  • Interactive Business and Education Software: Hitachi’s interactive software was created with both corporate and education users in mind. Easy access to functions such as print, email and save make this software ideal for any environment.
  • Perfect Fit 2: Enables the user to adjust individual corners and sides independent of one another. Perfect Fit 2 provides vertical and horizontal digital correction of either barrel or pin cushion distortions. This feature helps correct geometric and complicated distortions. Perfect Fit 2 allows the projected image to fit correctly to the screen quickly and easily.
  • Tabletop Presentation: Make any tabletop a projection screen using the optional tabletop stand. Ideal for a small group environment or in a room with limited space.
  • Ultra Sonic and IR Sensor: For better performance, both an IR sensor and ultra sonic technology are used. This increases reliability as well as eliminating lag time from pen to projection for a more natural writing experience.
  • 2,500 ANSI Lumens White/Color Output: The color light output specification measures the brightness of red, green and blue, which create all the possible spectrum of colors. Smooth, seamless colors combined with an unparalleled grayscale range and equal white light output delivers bright, clear, true to life images with incredible detail.
  • Input Source Naming: Users can rename input sources in more descriptive terms instead of the factory default names.
  • IR Remote Frequency Change: To avoid conflict with fluorescent lights or IrDA (IR signal) from notebook PC, the frequency of the IR remote control can be changed from the menu. Exclusive to Hitachi.
  • Microphone Input: A microphone can be used via the jack located on the input panel. Allows for more dynamic presentations even in standby mode.
  • MyButton / MySource - Doc Camera: Two customizable buttons on the remote control allow users to create a shortcut for any projector command such as: Direct input (RGB1, S-video, etc.), picture mode or filter reset. For connection to a document camera, MySource allows users to add a third document camera source button.
  • PC-Less Presentation: By using a USB memory stick or other storage device, you can use the projector without a computer. Menus are easy to see with a thumbnail display. Additionally there is also a slideshow function.
  • PIN Lock / MyScreen / MyText: PIN lock protection can limit projector users. MyScreen PIN lock keeps captured images on the startup screen. Users can set any name logo to MyScreen, clearly identifying ownership. MyText provides the ability to write text on the startup screen such as model name, serial number or location.
  • Serial Number and Media Access Control Label: A label is affixed to the front of the projector to more easily access and read the model name and serial number while mounted in ceiling use. This is a convenience for installers, end user and auditors for instant accessibility.
  • Transition Detector and Security Bar: A security sensor located inside the projector recognizes when the projector has been moved. Moving the projector without using the correct PIN code will disable the projector.
Hitachi CP-AW2519N LCD Projector Product View

This product contains a mercury lamp; do not put in trash. Dispose of in accord with environmental laws. For lamp recycling, go to (in the US). For product disposal, contact your local government agency or (in the US) or (in Canada). For more information, call 1-800-HITACHI (North America).

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