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MAC OS X 10.6 up to 10.10

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Projection Throw Chart (In inches)

Screen Size 16:10 Throw Distance
Diagonal Distance from edge of projector to screen Distance from mirror cover to screen
60 5.0 16.1
70 7.8 18.9
80 10.5 21.6
90 13.3 24.4
100 16.1 27.1

Throw Ratio: (distance : width)
0.2 : 1 from edge of projector
0.3 : 1 from mirror cover

Interactive Pen Simultaneous Usage

Mode Application Operating System
Win 8 Win 7 Vista Win XP MAC
PC Interactive
Star Board
6 6 1 1 1
6 6 1 1 1

Number of Hitachi i-Pens and finger touch that can be used at one time.

USB Extender Recommendations

Company Product Name Product Number
Cables to Go USB 1.1 Over Cat5 Superbooster Extender Dongle Kit 29341
Cables to Go 25ft USB A/B Active Cable (Center Booster Format) 38989
Aten UEH4002 Cat 5 USB 2.0 Extender UEH4002

Please Note: Hitachi does not certify, endorse or guarantee the performance of these products. Please contact the vendor for any warranty or support issues with these products.

Key Features
  • WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 3,300 ANSI lumens white/color output
  • 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • HDMI 2 inputs
  • Powered Focus / Perfect Fit
  • Interactive pens
  • Auto-calibration
  • Multi-pen capability
  • PC-less drawing
  • Multi-display interactive
  • HDCR/Accentualizer/ Image Optimizer
  • FT-01B optional finger touch unit
  • StarBoard Interactive Software included with no yearly subscription fee!
  • Compatible with other top interactive software
Accessories and Lenses
Supplied Accessories Remote control, power cord, computer cable, USB cable, interactive software DVD, interactive pen x 2, pen tips x 4, user’s manual
Optional Accessories Interactive pen (I-PEN3), interactive pen tip x12 (I-PEN3 Tip), finger touch unit (FT-01B), wall mount (HAS-WM05), wall adapter for 16" (HAS-WA16), table stand kit (TT03), bracket for Apple TV (HAS-RB01), adapter for A3 wall mount (HAS-WB01), adapter for A100 wall mount (CPA100ADPA7), wireless adapter (USBWL11N), MS-1, MS-1WL multifunction switchers
Replacement Parts
Lamp DT01411 with filter
Remote Control HL03033
Filter UX37191
Detailed Features
  • Starboard Interactive Presentation Software: Hitachi’s world-class interactive StarBoard Software (SBS) is the next standard in collaboration, information sharing and dynamic presentation software. With a customizable interface and toolbar, Starboard streamlines your workflow and improves production. While you would expect to pay hundreds of dollars extra for similar interactive software from the competition, Hitachi bundles it as a standard feature with each interactive projector.
  • Accentualizer: Hitachi original technology makes pictures look more real by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade to make pictures as clear as pictures on a flat-panel device. You can also adjust the effects by three levels according to your surroundings so that the colors of projected images are the actual colors of the objects they represent.
  • HDCR (High Dynamic Contrast Range): When average projectors are used in bright rooms, the darker colors of an image deteriorate and images become unclear. Using this function, blurred images caused by room lighting or outside light sources are corrected, and an effect similar to increasing contrast occurs. This results in clear images even in bright rooms.
  • Cloning Function: Copy setting data from one projector to others of the same model via USB memory. Cloning not only saves almost all PJ settings such as gamma and keystone via USB memory, it saves countless hours in setup and installation.
  • ImageCare Technology: ImageCare is a lamp power control function that combines optimal picture performance with maximum energy savings by decreasing energy usage, improving contrast ratio and lengthening lamp life. The result is a lower total cost of ownership and decreased maintenance cost.
  • Intelligent Eco and Saver Modes: Automatically changes the brightness of the lamp according to the brightness level of the screen. Also, automatically changes the brightness of the lamp if there is no change in the screen image. Using ImageCare technology, these features give optimal picture performance with maximum energy savings.
  • Perfect Fit 2: Enables the user to adjust individual corners and sides independent of one another. Perfect Fit 2 provides vertical and horizontal digital correction of either barrel or pin cushion distortions. This feature helps correct geometric and complicated distortions. Perfect Fit 2 allows the projected image to fit correctly to the screen quickly and easily.
  • Projector Quick Connection App For Mobile Devices: Our iOS application offers projector control and also provides the capability to display photos, document files and web site contents. Available for iPad®, iPhone® and Android devices. Works over your LAN via your RJ-45 port or via an optional USBWL11N wireless adapter.
  • Tabletop Presentation: Make any tabletop a projection screen using the optional tabletop stand. Ideal for a small group environment or in a room with limited space.
  • Input Source Naming: Users can name input sources in simple language instead of factory default names.
  • Microphone Input: A microphone can be used via the jack located on the input panel. Allows for more dynamic presentations even in standby mode.
  • Network Control, Maintenance and Security: Embedded networking gives you the ability to manage and control multiple projectors over your LAN. Features include scheduling of events, centralized reporting, image transfer and e-mail alerts for reactive and routine maintenance.
  • PC-Less Presentation: By using a USB memory stick or other storage device, you can use the projector without a computer. Menus are easy to see with a thumbnail display. Additionally there is also a slideshow and video function.
  • PIN Lock / MyScreen / MyText: PIN lock protection can limit projector users. MyScreen PIN lock keeps captured images on the startup screen. Users can set any name logo to MyScreen, clearly identifying ownership. MyText provides the ability to write text on the startup screen such as model name, serial number or location.
  • PJMessenger: PJMessenger function allows you to send and display text messages and audio alerts on your networked projectors. It is an easy and efficient way to send announcements out to multiple units.
  • Present Content via LAN: Hitachi’s suite of networking software allows you to easily send content directly from your PC to the projector via your LAN connection.
  • Template Function: Line templates in the projector menu can help when writing on a whiteboard. There are four types of line templates to choose from.
  • Wireless Presentation Compatible: Connect the projector to a computer or your network using the optional USB wireless adapter (part number USBWL11N). The adapter supports IEEE802.11n.
Hitachi CP-TW3005 LCD Projector Product Views


Hitachi's interactive projectors come bundled with StarBoard Interactive Software.

There is NO YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE for this world class integrated software!

Hitachi Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projectors
Stand Alone Mode
PC Mode
Features & Tool Bar
Tool Bar & Colors
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Tips & Tricks
Tips, Tricks & 3rd Party Software
Hitachi Interactive Projector Installation

Part 1 (Starts at 00:13)
Installing the Projector and Bracket

Part 2 (Starts at 06:08)
Configuring Image Setup

Part 3 (Starts at 10:10)
Setting up the Interactive Function

Part 4 (Starts at 12:11)
Installing the Finger Touch Module

This product contains a mercury lamp; do not put in trash. Dispose of in accord with environmental laws. For lamp recycling, go to (in the US). For product disposal, contact your local government agency or (in the US) or (in Canada). For more information, call 1-800-HITACHI (North America).
California Proposition 65 Warning