Professional DLP, LCD and Laser Projectors - CP-WU13K

Projection Throw Chart

Screen Size 16:10 Throw Distance
Diagonal Width Min Max
100 85 159 217
120 102 190 260
150 127 238 325
200 170 317 434
250 212 397 542
300 254 476 651
350 297 555 759
400 339 635 868

Throw Ratio: 1.87 - 2.56 : 1 (distance : width)
Screen size and throw distance are measured in inches
with standard lens MLK04.

Key Features
  • WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution
  • 13,000 ANSI lumens brightness
  • Dual lamp system
  • 3 chip DLP technology
  • HDMI 2 inputs
  • 3G SDI enabled
  • 3D availability with stereo DVI
  • Edge blending
  • Geometric correction
  • High performance filter
Accessories and Lenses
Supplied Accessories Remote control, power cord, RS232C cable (cross, male to male), user’s manual, application CD
Optional Accessories MS-1 wired and MS-1WL wireless multifunction switchers (switchers have limited function with this projector model)
Optional Lenses 6 optional lenses are available: FL-K01, FL-K02, SL-K03, ML-K04, LL-K05, UL-K06.
Replacement Parts
Lamp DT01591D
Remote Control HL03051
Filter MU08321 (for front), MU08331 (for rear)
Detailed Features
  • Advanced Installability and System Features: Projectors feed 4 digital inputs including 3G SDI.
  • 3G SDI: Equipped with standard SDI in the broadcast industry. 3G SDI can transfer 1080P signal via coaxial cable.
  • DICOM® Simulation Mode: The DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation Mode projects grayscale images which approximate DICOM Part 14 specifications. This mode is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images, such as X-rays, for training and educational purposes. The projectors have a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation Mode. This mode simulates the DICOM standard, which is a standard applicable to digital communications in medicine, and is useful for displaying medical images such as X-rays. These projectors are not medical devices and are not compliant with the DICOM standard, and neither the projector nor the DICOM Simulation Mode should be used for medical diagnosis. Comparison photos are simulations.
  • Dual Lamp: Equipped with the highly reliable Dual Lamp System. If one lamp stops functioning during use, the second lamp activates and projects the image with no interruption in the projection.
  • Edge Blending: Projectors are equipped with the Edge Blending function that achieves the seamless projection of one image using multiple projectors. Easily performs blending processing with brightness adjustment by lamp power mode. (Edge blending does not work with DVI input.)
  • Geometric Correction: The Geometric Correction function allows images to display on an uneven surface. (Does not work with the DVI input.)
  • Variety of Interchangeable Lenses: Six lenses are available to match various screen sizes and installation environments. Projection is possible in diverse installation areas from small conference rooms to auditoriums, convention halls and other large spaces.
  • Motorized Zoom, Focus and Lens Shift Control: Allows for greater range of installation possibilities. With the motorized function you can make fine adjustments through the remote control or RS232/ IP device. (FL-K01 and FL-K02 are fixed focus lenses and FL-K01 is not available for lens shift.)
  • Multiple Lens Options: 6 optional lenses are available: FL-K01, FL-K02, SL-K03, ML-K04, LL-K05, UL-K06.
  • PIP Function: This function allows for displaying picture in picture modes and picture by picture mode. There are 5 options for this feature.
  • Wired and Wireless Switcher Solutions: Multifunctional switcher operates in conjunction with the receiver to provide expanded source selection and switching options for connected devices. The switcher is sold as an optional accessory that can provide 1080p 30 fps wireless via WHDI.


This product contains a mercury lamp; do not put in trash. Dispose of in accord with environmental laws. For lamp recycling, go to (in the US). For product disposal, contact your local government agency or (in the US) or (in Canada). For more information, call 1-800-HITACHI (North America).
California Proposition 65 Warning