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Hitachi House of Worship Promo Registration Form

Valid Purchase Dates: April 1, 2014 thru September 30, 2015

Qualifying Products: CPX8150, CPX8160, CPX8170, CPWU8460, CPWX8255, CPWX8255A, CPWU8450, CPWX8265, CPX9110, CPX9111, CPWX9210, CPWX9211, CPWU9410, CPWU9411, CPWU13K

Promotion Offer: Purchase qualifying products during the program dates and register your product by October 31, 2015 to receive a complementary replacement lamp per model.

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Only eligible for house of worship customers in the USA and Canada.

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Lamp Promotion
Model(s) Purchased (Separate serial numbers by comma)
DT01281 Lamp (For projector model CPX8150)
CPX8150 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01291 Lamp (For projector models CPX8160, CPWX8255, CPWX8255A, CPWU8450)
CPX8160 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWX8255 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWX8255A QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWU8450 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01471 Lamp (For projector models CPX8170, CPWU8460, CPWX8265)
CPX8170 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWU8460 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWX8265 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01581 Lamp (For projector models CPX9110, CPX9111, CPWX9210, CPWX9211, CPWU9410, CPWU9411)
CPX9110 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPX9111 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWX9210 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWX9211 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWU9410 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CPWU9411 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01591D Lamp (For projector model CPWU13K)
CPWU13K QTY: Serial Numbers:
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