Hitachi House of Worship Promo Registration Form

Valid Purchase Dates: April 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019

Qualifying Products: CP-X8170, MC-X8170, CP-X8800W, CP-X8800B, CP-WX8265, MC-WX8265, CP-WX8650W, CP-WX8750W, MC-WX8751W, CP-WX8750B, MC-WX8751B, CP-WU8461, MC-WU8461, CP-WU8600W, CP-WU8700W, MC-WU8701W, CP-WU8700B, MC-WU8701B, CP-WU9100B, and CP-WU13K.

Promotion Offer: Purchase qualifying products during the program dates and register your product by July 31, 2019 to receive a complimentary replacement lamp per model or 5-year extended warranty per model.

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Only eligible for house of worship customers in the US.

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House of Worship Promo Registration

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Choose a complimentary replacement lamp per model or 5-year extended warranty per model

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DT01471 Lamp

(For projector models CP-X8170, MC-X8170, CP-WU8461, MC-WU8461, CP-WX8265, MC-WX8265)

CP-X8170, MC-X8170 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CP-WU8461, MC-WU8461 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CP-WX8265, MC-WX8265 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01871 Lamp

(For projector models CP-WX8650)

CP-WX8650 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01881 Lamp

(For projector models CP-X8800, CP-WX8750, MC-WX8751, CP-WU8600, CP-WU8700, MC-WU8701)

CP-X8800 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CP-WX8750, MC-WX8751 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CP-WU8600 QTY: Serial Numbers:
CP-WU8700, MC-WU8701 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01911 Lamp

(For projector models CP-WU9100)

CP-WU9100 QTY: Serial Numbers:
DT01591D Lamp

(For projector model CP-WU13K)

CP-WU13K QTY: Serial Numbers:
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