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The Importance of Working with Authorized Hitachi Resellers

When purchasing HITACHI-brand digital media projectors, Hitachi strongly advises customers to buy only from Authorized Hitachi Resellers.

Authorized Hitachi Resellers have been evaluated by Hitachi to ensure they meet Hitachi´s high expectations for professionalism, technical knowledge and customer service. They are highly knowledgeable about the proprietary Hitachi technologies that define Hitachi´s exceptional product lineup, and they are able to offer valuable guidance in evaluating and selecting the Hitachi products that meet your precise needs.

In addition, Authorized Hitachi Resellers are equipped to assist your organization efficiently and expertly with designing integrated solutions, completing complex installations and handling after-sale support, including operational questions, expedited warranty claims, returns/exchanges and access to loaner products.

By contrast, Non-Authorized Resellers, even if they claim to offer HITACHI-brand products for sale, have not been evaluated by Hitachi to meet any commercial standards. Moreover, many Non-Authorized Resellers are web-based, faceless internet order takers who purport to sell all brands and models. In such cases, the operating method—upon receipt of an order—is to scramble for any possible source for the purchased product. If the product can´t be obtained, canceling the transaction or steering the purchaser into a comparable product that can be sourced are routine practices.

As one might expect, Non-Authorized Resellers will not be positioned to help you maximize your organization´s access to the exceptional after-sale service and support that Hitachi is known for or help keep you advised of innovative new Hitachi products and services as they are introduced.

Please see the link below to obtain a list of Non-Authorized Resellers of HITACHI-brand products. For additional sales inquiries please contact Hitachi using the form below.

Thank you for your interest in our products!

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